Surprising revelation of this famous actress, said - 'Husband used to drink and...'
Surprising revelation of this famous actress, said - 'Husband used to drink and...'

The famous actress of the entertainment world, model Poonam Pandey is in Kangana Ranaut's jail these days. In the show lockup, Poonam Pandey shared the dark secrets of her marriage. Poonam told everyone about the deeds of ex-husband Sam Bombay. He also said that she was a victim of a brain haemorrhage. Poonam said how Sam Bombay used to beat her up. The actress claimed that Sam was very controlling. He didn't allow her to be alone in any room. He didn't even let you use your mobile phones at home. That's when Karanvir Bohra asks Poonam Pandey did she really love Sam Bombay? Poonam then goes and opens up the unheard secrets of her life. She talks about Sam Bombay's drinking habit.

Poonam  Pandey said- Yes, I loved Sam Bombay. I still don't hate him. I just don't like him. No one would want that to happen to them. Who would like to be beaten? My house is four storeys. There is a private garden, there is a private terrace. I have everything. Big house. If I was in a room, I wouldn't have been allowed to stay there. He asked me why are you in that room? He wanted me to be with him in the same room where he wanted to. When I used to tell him that I needed a little time with myself, I wanted to have open-air, I wanted to go on the terrace. So I wasn't approved. I wasn't allowed to take my cell phone anywhere. In my own house, I was not allowed to touch my mobile. If I love my doggie and sleep with him, he would tell me I loved doggie more than him.

What kind of statement is that? Why I was beaten up for loving my doggie. Is this the reason for having a brain haemorrhage? Because it happened to me. Karanvir asked Poonam how long she had been facing domestic violence. How long did it take them to get out of it? In reply, Poonam said- I have been trying for a long time. This has been happening for the last 4 years. Sam didn't beat me just 1 time, my brain injury (pointing to the left of his head) hasn't healed yet because he used to hit me repeatedly in the same place. I used to put makeup, gloss in front of people and laugh. I used to be very cool in front of them. Meanwhile, Payal Rohatgi asked if he used to beat you up because of insecurity? In response, Poonam said- If a person keeps drinking from 10 a.m. to night, there's no one to save you at night. The staff was scared they were going to leave. In fact, anyone should be shocked to hear this bad experience related to Poonam Pandey's marriage. Thankfully, Poonam Pandey parted ways with her marriage and is now moving on in her life.

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