This home remedy will reduce your weight fast

In today's time, most people are worried about their weight gain. People also go to the gym to lose weight. Many people then give up. But let us tell you that not eating does not lose weight, but it weakens your body. So today we're telling you about a home remedy that will reduce your weight in a few days.

Cucumber and lemon are helpful in weight loss. Consumption of cucumber does not increase fat in the body. It contains 96% water and fiber. Due to this, its intake reduces weight. Also lemon helps in reducing belly fat. If you regularly drink lemon juice in cucumber juice before going to bed at night, it makes it very easy for you to lose weight.

To make it, first, take the cucumber and cut it into small pieces and put it in a mixer. And add ginger mint to it and mix. Now take out the mixture in a glass and add a little sugar, lemon juice and roasted cumin seeds. If you consume a juice every night before going to bed, you will lose weight very quickly.

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