Here's India's Mini London You must also visit
Here's India's Mini London You must also visit

Usually, when it comes to holidays, we all feel like moving around in a good place, and the biggest question at that time is, where to go now? However, there are many tourist destinations in India where you may have gone for holidays. But here we are going to give you information about Mini London in India so that you will definitely feel like visiting this place. This mini London in India is called McCluskieganj.

McCluskieganj is a small town located 65 kilometres northwest of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. All the credit for settling this town goes to Ernest Timothy McCluskie, a businessman from the Anglo-Indian community. They were settled in 1933 among dense forests and tribals.

Coming here makes you enjoy nature to the fullest. There are all the amenities needed along the paved roads. If you want to enjoy the holiday, be sure to visit here once.

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