This man eats '80 chapati, 3 kg rice, 2 kg mutton' every day, so he did this big work because there is no shortage

Katihar: Mohammad Rafiq Adnan of Katihar, Bihar is in news about his weight. Adnan, 30, cannot walk even 20 to 30 steps. You will be surprised to hear the diet of Rafiq who eats 3 meals in a day. According to the reports received, Rafiq consumes about 80 chapatis  made of 4 kg flour and 2-3 kg rice in a day.

In a report received, the weight of Rafiq has been given as 200 kg. According to this report, according to Rafiq's dosage, one wife was unable to cook, so he married another. Rafiq said, “I eat three meals a day. I feel so hungry that I can eat 10 times the food of the whole family alone. 1 bag of rice (50 kg) hardly lasts 7 days in our family. I eat about 2-3 kg of rice every day on my own. Along with this, I also eat 2 liters of milk, 1-2 kg of mutton or chicken. Apart from this, I eat about 3-4 kg of flour roti.

Rafiq is the youngest among 6 sisters and 4 brothers. His father worked in the warehouse and mother stayed at home. Rafiq, who studied till 5th standard, said, “I remember when I was 15 years old, I still weighed 80 kg, but at that time I used to play because of not being that much weight. Then gradually my appetite increased and my weight also increased. I used to eat whatever I got." He said, “The moment I try to walk, I get tired and then I have to sit down. If I ever have to go due to fatigue, I go by motorcycle. But sometimes she can't even lift my weight. I keep talking to the people of the village throughout the day and lie on a bed outside the house.” According to a neighbour, Rafiq's motorcycle also sometimes crashes due to the weight. People also avoid inviting him for marriage.

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