This strange woman was found living with mice, know the whole truth

Today we are going to share with you a very strange poor news, yes where Mahil lives with Chhu, a woman was found living in San Diego, California in the US with more than 300 mice in her van. However, now these mice will get a new home. After the situation worsens, the woman has decided not to keep him with her. This woman has no home of her own. She lives in a van.

The onset was from two mice. To overcome boredom and get along, the woman had named only two mice named Jacob and Richel. But rats can give birth to babies every four weeks. He can produce a dozen children at once. A pair of mice gave birth to children. Then further children went on. Due to this, the number of mice in the van increased. After the situation became uncontrollable, the mice started frantically surrounding. Rats molested the wiring, seats of the van. People living and passing around were also getting upset by this. According to a report by the San Diego Union Tribune, the woman finally decided to abandon herself after seeing the situation uncontrollable and pleaded for help.

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