This will be the effect if Net Neutrality is approved in India

Jul 13 2018 03:03 PM
This will be the effect if Net Neutrality is approved in India
Telecommunication department (DoT) supreme body of Telecom Commission discussed on Net Neutrality. The TRAI has approved the recommendations. Everyone under Net Telecom Commission will get equal access online and no discrimination will be made. Only a few areas are excluded from the net neutrality as an exception. These areas are autonomous driving, telemedicine or remote-diagnostic services. For these, existing internet speed must be fast, so these emergency services are excluded from this system. 
Apart from these areas, separate services will not be given to different telecom operators like before and will continue to provide users with facilities through the Closed Communication Network (intranet). The principle of net neutrality that opposes the supply of any website by telecom operators separately will still be applicable and the moratorium on differential pricing regulation will remain the same which means that any telecom company cannot take any more money from any of its subscribers with any special any content available on the Internet, and they cannot provide fast speeds separately. 
When all the rules are ready, operators will be able to provide fast internet for special services. But in the meantime, they must keep in mind that they also provide adequate bandwidth for normal services. By the way, normal services for normal services will not be slowed and the speed of the internet will be retained. Special services are those which will be needed in the human interest and in the emergency. For example, if the operation is being done through interaction with the Internet then there will be no recourse in the bandwidth. The same thing will apply to a car without a driver. 
Another area that has been kept out of net neutrality is the content delivery network. It's like a tie-up between telecom companies and network operators like Facebook and YouTube. Trai said in his recommendation that content is very popular on these networks in the country, so these networks can set up the server with the help of telecom operators in the country so that the quality can be improved and the services can be made faster. However, this agreement must be transparent between telecom operators and network operators. 
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