Thomson 4k Smart TV launched in India, know it's price

Jul 02 2020 10:29 AM
Thomson 4k Smart TV launched in India, know it's price

Recently, India has banned many of China's mobile apps. Due to which many people are happy and many people are also sad. Let us know that these days when many companies are not able to launch their new products in the market due to lock down. In such a situation, a French company Thomson has introduced a new range of 4K Smart TV Oath Pro in the Indian market. With this, the company has launched three smart TVs in the market, in which 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch TVs are present.

At the same time, all three TVs are of 4K or Ultra HD resolution. Apart from this, HDR has also been supported in them. All TVs have Android Pie 9.0 and support from Google Play Store. You can have the facility to download the desired app. At the same time apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video can be pre-installed. This TV also has the support of Google Assistant through voice command. At the same time, all three TVs of Thomson have HDR support with 4K and also have Dolby Vision.

The TV has Bluetooth 5.0 that works with the remote. The TV's bezel is of gold color and the stand is also golden. The special thing is that the TV supports Dolby Audio Standarted and IPS, LCD display. For your information, let us know that Thomson has a French TV brand which is now licensed by the Indian company Super Plastics Pvt. Apart from this, the 43-inch variant of the Thomson Oath Pro series costs Rs 24,999, the 55-inch variant costs Rs 32,999 and the 65-inch variant costs Rs 52,999. The TV will be on sale from July 3 from Flipkart.

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