Tina Datta is charged with "breaking Shalin Bhanot's heart" by the actor: Bigg Boss 16
Tina Datta is charged with

Shiv and Sajid want to take either of them, Ankit tells Priyanka. She becomes enraged that he was aware of this. They get into a fight. When Priyanka doesn't get what she wants, Shiv tells her that her egoistic attitude is bad. Later, Priyanka claims that because he is a practical person, it is her fault that she becomes emotionally attached to him.

She declares that she has always supported him and that she will address her issue. If he hasn't supported her, he questions her. She begs him to stay away from the past. Manya and Sumbul are asked to take their masks off by Bigg Boss, who then announces that Shalin, Manya, and Sumbul are the nominees.

Tina accuses Stan of betraying her by deciding on Shalin, and she says he will now learn more about who he is as a person. Shalin is shocked when Stan tells him the same thing. Sumbul affirms that she is happy Stan brought it up because it is true. The following day, Gautam teases Sumbul by saying that she keeps changing her allegiances. She is injured and goes to tell Shalin about it. By engaging in combat with Gautam on her behalf, he indirectly mocks Tina. Shalin and Gautam engage in an aggressive first encounter. Gautam is asked by Shalin not to tease a young girl. He is prompted to stop addressing Sumbul as a young girl by Gautam. If necessary, Sumbul says she'll stand up for herself. Bigg Boss announces that Abdu and Sajid will serve as the shopkeepers and that they'll sprint to the front of the line where the first three contestants will choose 15, 10, and 5 items, respectively. Tina and Shalin then have a confrontation. He says that he broke her heart. She begs him not to yell at her and admits that even she feels hurt. As they argue, Tina storms off to her room and sobs. Shalin is engaging in games, Nimrit informs Tina. After the task is finished, Bigg Boss declares that Abdu, Sajid, and Shiv will receive the leftover ration.

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