Try this one thing to reduce the increased belly fat fast

To stay healthy and active, it is important to pay proper attention to the diet. When fat starts increasing in the body, it starts to look ugly and at the same time obesity starts to increase, especially when it grows in the stomach then it is even more Looks bad, so today we are going to share with you a special tip that you can also reduce your fat by following and that is brisk walk, yes you do not need to do a full exercise. The Brisk Walk every day you can lose fat let's go way .......

Wear good and comfortable shoes before the start of Brisk Walk. Apply the music of your choice and set earphones in your ears and come out for the brisk walk. Start the brisk walk slowly. Then, increase your running speed according to your convenience. Stretch your stomach in the middle of the walk. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Then, take a break and pull your stomach in again for the same amount of time. When you feel tired, take your stomach flat or take it to rest. You can also reduce the speed of the walk according to your convenience.

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