Don't consume these things in this rain or you may get sick!

With the rain, the knock of the rain-triggered diseases is also beginning to be felt. It makes you a bit of bad weather. But enjoying this season is also a good treat for everyone. But at the same time, you also need to take care of yourself. If you want to avoid monsoon ailments, it is important to avoid a little bit of food. Find out what to avoid.

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Summer Meal - Do not take any rich food this season to avoid stomach ailments of monsoon. fried, deep fry and spicy heavy food. Though people are reminded of dumplings as soon as it rains, the digestive system is weakened during this season.

Chopped Fruits - Due to paucity of time, some people buy and eat the cut fruits from the roadside carts. Sometimes people cut the fruit from the house and pack it in Tiffin. Both of these ways invite bacteria. this can lead to a variety of diseases. Always keep the fruit with you and cut only when you have food.

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Leafy vegetables, cabbage varieties - It is breeding time for insects and spiders. They mostly make their way into green leafy vegetables and cabbage, cabbage and broccoli, etc. Therefore should not consume these vegetables in the rainy season. If necessary, wash them thoroughly in lukewarm water before cooking.

Avoid street food – Street food seems so much tasty in the rainy season but bacteria are most likely to flourish this season. Dirty water, dirty hands or dirty pots can cause food poisoning for any reason. So, to avoid monsoon diseases, one should avoid eating street food during the rainy season.

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