TN Governor rejects claims of Hindi imposition, backs National Education Policy

Coimbatore: Following Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister K Ponmudy's statement, state Governor RN Ravi defended the Centre's New Education Policy (NEP-2020), stating the impression of language imposition is "far from the truth." He also stated that the NEP strives to enhance regional language teaching and learning.

"Some people believe that the Centre is imposing a language on Tamil Nadu or anyone else. That, in my opinion, is far from the case. That is incorrect. In reality, the fundamental point of NEP is to educate and learn in regional languages, in the native tongue "Ravi explained. The Governor stated that the people must seek justice in their own language.
"People seeking justice must be able to communicate in their own language. All of this country's languages must be encouraged and enriched. Tamil is a very old and complex language "he added.

After making a controversial statement in the ongoing language dispute, Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister K Ponmudy offered a clarification on Friday, alleging that Hindi-speaking persons are selling 'Paani Puri' in the state.  He made the controversial remark while debating the logic behind the claim that learning Hindi could lead to greater job prospects.
"If the argument that learning Hindi could open more employment opportunities was true, then why are those speaking the Hindi language selling 'Paani-Puri' here?" the minister said at a Convocation ceremony at Bharathiar University Ponmudy, claiming that those who speak Hindi are employed in menial jobs.

Following widespread criticism, the minister clarified, saying, "Various Tamil Nadu residents work in the Northern States. In this sense, I claimed that people from the north come here to work because there is no job in their own states." "Hindi is neither a national language nor a language of communication. In the federal system, no language may be imposed by force "he stated.

He stated that learning other languages is not an issue for them. On Union HM's remark, former Karnataka Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah remarked, "Hindi should be accepted as an alternative to English."

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