To save the life of the animal two vehicles collided, 2 lost their life

Hardoi: On Monday, a major collision was reported on Lucknow Road in the area. A collision between a vehicle and a pickup caused a commotion among the crowd. At the moment of the crash, two persons were killed and four others were seriously injured. The injured were taken to a hospital for treatment when police arrived on the scene. After the collision, Lucknow Road remained congested for a long period. The cops eventually broke up the traffic congestion and restored normalcy. Jitendra Sahu, a native of Telibagh in Lucknow, was said to have attended a wedding ceremony on Sunday evening with Om Prakash, Ram Beti, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Tabish Ahmed, and Seema Gupta. On Monday morning, he travelled for Lucknow once more. Meanwhile, 400 metres before the intersection on Hardoi Road, his automobile was struck from behind by a fast pickup truck. The impact was so powerful that the rags from the automobile flew away.

Jitendra Sahu died on the scene as a result of his injuries. Rambeti died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The collision critically wounded Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Tabish Ahmed, and Seema Gupta. They've all been admitted to the district hospital for treatment, and they're still there.

According to witnesses, the two vehicles collided in an effort to save an animal. Despite the fact that the pickup's speed was quite high, the driver was unable to control it. The pickup's occupants all survived the tragedy, and no one was hurt. Following the incident, the truck driver saw an opportunity and took off. He is currently being sought by the police. The deceased's next of kin have been notified, and the bodies have been submitted for a postmortem examination.

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