Horoscope 1 Oct: Today is a very good day for these two zodiac signs

Nowadays people start their day by looking at the horoscope. In such a situation, today we have brought the horoscope of today i.e. October 1.

Horoscope for October 1st-

Aries- Today there will be an increase in happiness and wealth. Health will improve. Today the status of love is medium. It is a good time from business point of view. Today you are going to meet someone special. you're lucky today.

Taurus- Today you will remain very mighty. Strength will also bring you success. Today there will be cooperation from brothers and friends. Health is good, love is mediocre. From a business point of view you are on the right track.

Gemini- Today financial matters will be resolved. There will be an increase in kinsmen. The money stuck today will be returned. Health is mediocre. The situation in love and business is quite good. Today is a good day for you.

Cancer- Your stars seem to be shining today. Meaningful energy is being transmitted. Health, love and business are looking great. There is a possibility of meeting someone special today.

Leo- Today your mind will be sad. Headache, eye pain and expenses can be disturbing. Health seems to be slightly affected. Today everything is temporary, nothing special. Love is in the middle. From a business point of view, it will be almost fine.

Virgo- Today financial matters will be resolved. Good news will be received. Pay attention to health. Today the situation of love-business is good.

Libra- Today there can be profit. Profit is also written in the office. There can be victory in the court and business is in good condition. Health, love, business are wonderful.

Scorpio- Today luck will support you. The stalled work will go on. Today, health is improving, love is medium. Business conditions are good. Today some loss is also possible. 

Sagittarius- Today is a risky day. Injury may occur. You can get into some trouble. Health seems to be moderate. Love is good today. Almost fine from a business point of view as well.

Capricorn- Today you will make progress in employment. Health is a bit moderate. The situation in love and business is quite good. Before going out somewhere today, remember the name of God.

Aquarius- Today you will prevail over your enemies. Looks good condition. Today the stalled work will be done. You will get the blessings of elders. Today health is fine. Love and business situation is good.

Pisces- Today is a very good time. Health needs attention. Today is also a great time for business. Don't take any decision out of emotion. Love is medium. There is no other deficiency.

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