If you want to get a sexy figure and abs then do this posture

With yoga, you can get sexy and strong abs. But for this, you will have to work a little bit. If this desire is yours too, then you should start doing Tolasana from today itself. Yes, this will give you a special body figure which you will also like. This asana helps to tone the abdominal muscles and strengthen the arms. Not only this, but it also works on your butt and lower back. Let's know about it.

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Do this asana

Sit down in Padmasana and place your palms on the floor next to the hips. Your fingers are open.

Take a breath and try to get up on the strength of your hands. That is, while lifting, your feet and buttocks should also rise. During this, keep your head and neck relaxed.

Try to handle your weight with the help of arms and stay in this posture for 10 to 15 seconds.

Now exhale and then release the buttocks and legs. Repeat this action several times.

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Keep this in mind
If your hips are tight, you may find it difficult to perform this asana. So stretch the hips to open the hips. Apart from this, you have to learn Padmasana before performing this asana. If you have injuries in your shoulder, wrist, ankle or knee, do not try these asanas. If you are pregnant, avoid doing this asana.

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