Tomatoes selling for Rs. 120 per kg are now so cheap
Tomatoes selling for Rs. 120 per kg are now so cheap

New Delhi: Due to rising prices of petrol and diesel, tomato prices had gone up from Rs 80 per kg to Rs 120 per kg in the retail market, which was also an attack on the government by opposition parties. But now it has gradually started declining. Asia's largest fruit-vegetable market Azadpur on Tuesday fell to Rs 50 per kg, while the lowest level of tomato prices fell to Rs 20 per kg.

The cut has also had a direct impact on the retail price of tomatoes. Now, in the retail market, tomatoes are being sold at Rs.50 per kg to Rs.90 per kg. Talking to media, Azadpur Mandi Chairman Adil Ahmed Khan said that the price of tomatoes is now coming down. Today, the model rate of tomato in mandi has come down to Rs 35.50 per kg.

He said the price of the best quality tomato has also come down to only Rs 50 per kg. In many southern Indian states, the prices of many vegetables, including tomatoes, had gone up due to heavy rains, but the impact of the soon-to-stop rains, new crops and falling petrol and diesel prices is now seen as a major fall in vegetable prices.

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