Madhya Pradesh: Judges transferred, economic burden increased on the state Government amidst Corona crisis

Bhopal: During the Corona crisis, the judges of the maximum districts of the state were transferred in the month of March by the Madhya Pradesh High Court, due to which the state government is facing a lot of financial issues. By stopping the transfer, this load can be stopped and used in the battle of Corana, while the government will also get financial relief from it.

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Currently around 290 judges have been transferred by the Madhya Pradesh High Court. However, the said transfer has been stopped. In Madhya Pradesh also, the number of corona infected people is increasing continuously and till now no immediate solution to this problem has been found. This infection is spreading further and It is not possible to stop this infection completely even in months. In these circumstances, the judges who have been transferred will also have to pack their belongings. Packers will have to be called for this, but now there is no possibility of getting Packers due to lockdown. If packing is done then there will be many problems apart from that, such as travelling by bus and train, stopping at a circuit house or rest house with family. There they will come in contact with many people and then they get a new house. There is also the possibility of many people coming in contact while arranging their belongings. 

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The economy of the country and the state has become weak due to the continuous lock-down and continuous curfew. Due to the transfer of judges, the state government has to bear the burden of 4 to 5 crores. In these circumstances the transfer of judges is not necessary, the High Court can revoke this order. If the Madhya Pradesh High Court does so, it will not only help prevent the disease spread by this coronavirus infection but will also help reduce the economic burden on the state government.

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