The car accelerated at the red signal and all this happened; know more!

Today we are going to share with you very different news that a proverb proves its correctness, in fact a surprising incident has come out from Arizona's phoenix. Here on a very busy road, a couple was crossing the road with their child. During that time there was a red signal on the road, but then a high speed jeep accelerated towards that child.

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Before the jeep could hit the child, another car came at a high speed and hit the jeep. By doing this, the child's life was saved and that couple got time to get out of the middle road. The Phoenix Police Department has shared a video of this incident on Wednesday, which will surely amaze you. This video is 13 seconds. The man driving the jeep has been identified as Ernesto Otáñez Oweso and was intoxicated.

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According to the police, the 28-year-old, driver of the jeep has been arrested. The police has thanked the 27-year-old car driver who saved the child's life by hitting the jeep. The video of this incident is also becoming very viral on social media and people are offering prayers to the 27-year-old driver who saved the child's life.

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