Trending: 'PhD Sabzi Wala' Holds a PhD Degree, Selling Vegetables in Punjab
Trending: 'PhD Sabzi Wala' Holds a PhD Degree, Selling Vegetables in Punjab

In a unique turn of events, Dr. Sandeep Singh, dubbed as the 'PhD Sabzi Wala,' has become a sensation online. Despite holding four Master’s degrees and a PhD, this 39-year-old academician now sells vegetables on the streets of Punjab. His journey from being a contractual professor at Punjabi University in Patiala for 11 years to a vegetable vendor has captured attention.

Singh shared his reason for leaving academia, citing irregular salary payments and frequent deductions as major challenges. "The job couldn't sustain my family due to delayed and reduced paychecks," he explained. "What good is a job if it can't meet your basic needs?" he questioned.

Despite his extensive academic background, including a PhD in law and mastery in subjects like Punjabi, journalism, and political science, Singh finds himself selling vegetables to support his family. He expressed his desire to continue as a professor but lamented the current circumstances preventing it.

Interestingly, Singh disclosed that his vegetable vending earns him more than his former professorial role. He diligently manages studies after returning from his cart-side business, displaying a board proudly labeled "PhD Sabzi Wala."

Singh's decision to transition to a vegetable vendor stems from his aspiration to save money for a future goal. He aims to establish his tuition center someday, as reported by News 18. Despite the unexpected career shift, Singh remains resolute in his pursuit of education and a brighter future beyond the vegetable cart.

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