Tuesday: Adopt this measure to get hanuman ji's grace

Hanuman ji's day is considered to be Tuesday. It is said that worshipping Mahabali Bajrangbali on this day yields special fruits. At the same time, if you take some measures on this day, all the difficulties of life are removed. Today we are going to tell you some measures that you can do on Tuesday. These measures will remove your troubles.

* It is said that Bajrangbali should enjoy saffron vermilion ghee on Tuesday as hanuman ji will be happy soon.
* It is said that one should go to Hanuman Temple on Tuesday and chant the name Ram as by doing so Hanuman ji removes the impending crisis.
* They say that if possible, they should fast on Tuesdays and feed the poor because by hanumanji's grace, there is never any shortage of money and food.
* It is said that Hanuman ji should offer chola on Tuesday sans Hanuman ji to please him.
* It is said that ram raksha sutra should be recited on Tuesday and hanuman ji should be offered jaggery and gram as bhog swarup.
* It is said that Hanuman ji should offer kevada perfume and garland of roses to get money.
* If you are unemployed and are roaming around in search of employment, offer pan to Hanumanji.
* If you have nightmares, keep a alum on your feet on Tuesday and throw the alum to the desert after removing it from your feet.

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