Turn your food passion into a profession!
Turn your food passion into a profession!

Now Kitchen is no more restricted to house only. Now, this kitchen industry becomes glamorized. And if the kitchen is the place that makes you feel comfortable when stressed and if you are someone who looks for solutions in the refrigerator then it is very obvious that food is an inevitable part of your existence. Two decades ago, a job in the food industry was not considered very respectable, but today it is glamorous! Thanks to the internet, celebrity chefs, cookbook authors, food enthusiasts and not to forget, the foodies, who have glamorized the industry. Scroll through to understand where your passion lies and then give it a shot.

Food stylist

If you can be creative with food, the profession of a food stylist is what you must be aiming at. Here, apart from making the food palatable, you have also to make it 'palatable'!

 Restaurant owner

It involves a huge amount of risk, but when you passion lies with food, nothing should be impossible. The best part of this profession is the scope of innovation and exploration with ingredients.


Food critic

If you've got a flair for writing and can weave the flavors into words then go for the job of a food critic or food journalist. You might be hated many a time for your genuine opinion, but it’s all worth it until the time you are true to your words.


Do you love cooking and have an understanding of ingredients? Well, then there are chances that you can turn this passion into a profession. Be ready as this job calls for crazy working hours and a hell lot of experimentation on the chopping board. 

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