Innocent Twins kept playing with father's dead body, when mother returned...
Innocent Twins kept playing with father's dead body, when mother returned...

Lucknow: A tragic incident has been reported from Lakhimpur Kheri in UP. In which a government doctor has died of a heart attack. The insensate twin daughters present in the room do not understand anything and both of them start playing on their father's dead body. Due to this, the children start applying sindoor kept by their mother on the dead body of the father. When the unknown mother who has returned from duty sees this shocking scene, there is a commotion in the house.


The entire incident took place in the Kashinagar area of Thana Sadar Kotwali area. The government doctor couple Rajesh Mohan Gupta and Dr Veena Gupta had been living in a rented house for the past five years. MBBS doctor Rajesh Mohan Gupta was posted at Bajudiha village, about 3 km from the city, while his wife is posted at a CHC in the city.  

Like every day, when Veena Gupta comes to her house at around 1:30 pm on July 26, she finds the door closed. She starts to call her husband from outside and bangs the door loudly, but seeing no sound from inside, she calls her landlord to the top floor, but still, the door does not open. Then the door of the room is broken with the help of the villagers, then everyone is surprised to see the view inside. Dr Veena Gupta says that when the door was broken down, she saw that the husband was lying unconscious on the bed and the two twins were playing on their father's body with vermilion on their hands and cheeks. The innocent girls had also applied vermilion on their father's feet and stomach. Seeing all this, the doctor's wife starts making noise to save the husband, and she gets afraid that her husband has a heart attack, so she tries to save the unconscious husband herself and tries to give CPR by pressing the chest. On the other hand, police rushed to the spot after receiving information about the incident. Dr Rajesh Mohan Gupta, who was lying unconscious in the room, was loaded in a car and taken to the district hospital, where he was declared brought dead. The post-mortem of the deceased doctor was conducted under the supervision of three doctors, in which a heart attack was revealed as the reason for his death.

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