Twitter suspends 1.7 lakh accounts for spreading narratives in China's favour
Twitter suspends 1.7 lakh accounts for spreading narratives in China's favour

Beijing: Twitter has taken action on more than 1.7 lakh social media accounts that were promoting China's propaganda. With these accounts, a campaign was being run in support of the Chinese government, in view of which Twitter closed these accounts on Thursday. Experts who work with the social media company say that related accounts were being posted on Hong Kong protests and the corona virus epidemic.

Twitter said that these accounts were spreading Geopolitical Narrative in accordance with the Communist Party of China, which is against our policies, so action has been taken on them. Twitter says that tweets in suspended accounts were mainly in Chinese languages. However, Twitter is officially banned in China and people there use social media sites through VPN connections.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the target of this Chinese campaign was Chinese nationals living abroad. Twitter said that it identified 23,750 accounts as a highly integrated core network used to tweet content backed by China, and 150,000 accounts that used to promote this content. For example retweeting content posted by core accounts.

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