Types of Tea to Revitalize Your Health In rainy Days

Jul 30 2019 08:48 PM
Types of Tea to Revitalize Your Health In rainy Days

Tea on rainy days gives you a different fun. Everyone loves to drink hot tea in cold weather. But not just normal tea, but you can enjoy a variety of teas that can also be beneficial for your health. You may not know, there are also many types of tea that work to make up health. Today we're going to give you a variety of teas and health benefits. So let's tell you about the types of tea.

Mango Green Tea
In the rain you can eat common food too much, to stay healthy in monsoon you start your morning with Mango and Green Tea. Both of these blends contain vitamins A, B, and C. It protects you from heart diseases.

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These teas are made with traditional spices but are given a slightly modern touch to make. This tea is known for the loss of cholesterol levels as well as weight loss. It also works as an anti-aging drink.

Neem Lemon Tea
Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They keep you away from bacteria and infections in the rain. Drinking it keeps the body healthy. If added to lemon, tasty neem can become a herbal tea. that will keep your stomach away from the kiddo.

Kashmiri Kahwa
This tea-based on green tea gives you a different place to experience. This tea is prepared consisting of dried mava and fresh spices. The light warm fragrant sunk of cinnamon in this tea also smells your inner being. And you will take on the delicious and woody tastes of green tea.

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