UK’s Liz Truss moving teen daughters, husband into Downing Street
UK’s Liz Truss moving teen daughters, husband into Downing Street

UK: The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, will move her family to 10 Downing Street. This includes two teenage daughters who will need to adjust to living in one of the most famous homes in the country, or at least use it to sleep.

The last teens to live at the famous address since Tony Blair's children did so in 1997 are Francis & Liberty, who are believed to be ages 16 and 13.

A teenager who grew up in Downing Street in a time of extreme mother-in-law, disregard and disrespect for her parents, The Times described her as "a concept straight out of sitcoms" when the girls first arrived.

But Truss, 47, has so far taken great care to protect her daughters from any media attention.

In some of the pictures she uploaded on Instagram, she is seen walking or riding a scooty wearing a school uniform from behind.
From the images of the birthday cake, journalists calculated his age.

According to a source who spoke to The Times, Truss will remain "zealous in protecting his privacy".

Truss also actively involved behind the scenes the girls attending state schools, allegedly during his Tory leadership campaign.

"I always say they know no different. My kids were another four when I was elected (MP in 2010)," she told the newspaper.

I often discuss politics with him.

She said that Liberty was "probably a little more conservative" and Frances was "probably a little more centrist", adding that "they're both very helpful to me."

According to Truss, who spoke to The Daily Telegraph, Francis joined the digital team at campaign headquarters after receiving his computing certification at the school.

She went on to say that Liberty "has been to many campaign meetings and doesn't hesitate to give me a lot of political advice."
Le Monde reported that Liberty was seen at a Hustling wearing a "Liz for Leader" T-shirt.

Truss told the Daily Express in August, "Her daughters were so excited," and Liberty "keeps asking if I'll be able to sleepover if I get to No. 10."

Since Blair's administration, the girls will be the first teenagers to live in Downing Street. During his ten-year residency, he was the parent of three teenage children.

Famously, at the age of 16, Blair's eldest son Euan was discovered by police drunk on the sidewalk in the middle of London.
At the age of 13, he moved to Downing Street.

Since that time, the only children of the prime minister who have lived in the residence are infants or preteens who have been carefully shielded from the media.

The couple have two young children, Wilfred, age 2, and Romy, who was born in December last year, and is only pictured from behind.

This is in contrast to the much-photographed and closely watched early years of the children of US presidents, such as Chelsea Clinton or Barack and Michelle Obama, daughters of Sasha and Malia.

Posing with her husband in front of the black door of No 10, Truss has emphasized that the trained accountant who works in finance prefers to maintain a low profile.

"He's a wonderful person, but I don't expect him to be involved in government business," she told The Telegraph in July.

He continued, "But I think it's fair to say that he never wanted to be on the front lines of politics." Her husband of 48 years is "a wonderful support to me."

The couple first connected at a Conservative Party convention, where O'Leary, who was born in Liverpool, ran unsuccessfully for council.

They married and stayed together in 2000 when Truss's affair with a married MP surfaced a few years later and threatened to ruin his career.

On Valentine's Day, Truss referred to O'Leary as "the love of my life" in an Instagram post.

Friends told The Guardian that O'Leary "is not going to be Dennis, and will not want to live in Downing Street full-time," referring to Margaret Thatcher's famously devoted husband.

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