Nitish Kumar slams family rule over Karpoori Thakur's name
Nitish Kumar slams family rule over Karpoori Thakur's name

After the announcement of Bharat Ratna to Karpoori Thakur, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has once again thanked the Modi government. Along with this, while attacking nepotism, he has also raised the question as to why Karpoori Thakur was not given the Bharat Ratna during the tenure of the Congress government. Nitish Kumar has said, 'Karpoori Thakur never took his family forward. Nowadays people increase their families. After the demise of Karpoori Thakur, we made his son Ramnath Thakur. We also did not promote anyone in the family by learning from Karpuriji. We are always enhancing the other.

Nitish had been demanding this for a long time: CM Nitish has also expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Modi. He further said in this regard, 'It is good that Bharat Ratna has also been given. It is better to say that he did it. We did not receive the call from the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister had called Ramnath Thakur. We express our gratitude to them only through media. We have been demanding this for a long time. Congress also remained in power. There were other people also, but Bharat Ratna was not given. Now he has given, thanks.

Nitish's social media post was in discussion: On Tuesday, the Central Government had announced to give Bharat Ratna to former Bihar CM and public leader Karpuri Thakur. Many political parties welcomed this decision of Modi government. Bihar's current CM Nitish Kumar also did not lag behind in expressing his gratitude to the Central Government. However, her social media post expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Modi has come into discussion.

CM praised the decision of the Central Government: Nitish Kumar first posted on social media platform subject to. This is a good decision of the Central Government. This highest honor given to Karpoori Thakur on his 100th birth anniversary will create positive feelings among the Dalits, deprived and neglected sections. We have always been demanding to give 'Bharat Ratna' to Karpoori Thakur. The years old demand has been fulfilled today.

Expressed gratitude to PM Modi in the second post: Interesting was that Nitish Kumar did not express gratitude to Prime Minister Modi in this post. It is being said that due to this, within a few minutes he deleted this post from his official handle and made a new post at 10.50 pm. This post was similar to the previous post but this time at the end of the post he had also expressed his gratitude to PM Narendra Modi.

'Nitish might have taken a dig at BJP': After Nitish's statement on dynasticism, Bihar's PHED Minister Lalit Yadav has said that, 'The most dynastic people are in BJP. Nitish Kumar might have also taken a dig at BJP. He claimed that everything is fine in the Grand Alliance. 

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