Unending ambition and passion have led Sunil Sindagi aka IQQANVE set new standards in the music Industry.

In the last 30 years, the music industry has evolved at an incredible rate, transforming how music is consumed, acquired, and even produced. Music might be distributed instantly and in an immaterial form thanks to global internet connections. Many people started their journey and exited the music industry due to the fear of failure. However, a few talented individuals who had faith in themselves geared up throughout their careers and have remained consistent. IQQANVE is one amongst such artists who have marched ahead of all in the industry to become a modern music icon, and a successful one at that. The dynamic artist is all ready to transform the face of music for the better with his versatile music.

IQQANVE was born on 22nd Feb, 1993 in Karnataka, who was passionate for music ever since his early days. He defines success as being able to edify someone's disposition and provide him with a positive personality through his music. Having been involved in music for over ten years now and performed in India, Belgium, Netherlands, and China, IQQANVE has impressed his fans and holds a large following today, when compared to other artists of this generation. He was also a member of the artist collective 'Project 91' in the past. His upcoming songs which are slated to release shortly like 'All the Things' with Hash & Mitika Kanwar, 'Bring me back' with Project 91 & Vort3z and 'Kamiyan' with Bramha & Mitika Kanwar are predicted to top the charts shortly.

IQQANVE says, "Writing a song necessitates a wide open mind and creative thinking. When it comes to generating ideas, I keep listening to different genres of music to get inspired by them. I continue to experiment with different sounds and samples to come up with something unique, as well as collaborate with new artists to share ideas and develop new fusions.” IQQANVE also adds that the music bug hit him hard, for which he is eternally grateful because he finally found his place in the world. He also credits his parents for a large part of his success, as they have always pushed him to give his best and conquer this highly competitive world of music.

Mitika Kanwar has performed, written and composed his latest single, 'All the Things' which he and Hash have produced. It will be released on the Sora Music Group/ Warner Music Philippines label. 'All the Things' is a dance pop song that is set to be released on August 13th, 2021, and is sure to create an impression on listeners. Fans are waiting with bated breath for his latest presentation which will hit the music space soon.

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