'Union and Railways' budgets are now 'One'
'Union and Railways' budgets are now 'One'

In the Union Cabinet Meeting of yesterday September 21st, the Cabinet has come to decision which has ended the 92-year old practice of a having a separate rail budget and a separate union budget.  This change will help the organization member to work below the radar and bring about important changes in the place there should be.

The Union also accepted and approved the ministry of finance’s proposal to advance the general budget’s presentation in month from the end of February.

With this will cause less delay and direct implementing from April 1st ,which is first day of the financial year.

Finance minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley said” The union has decided for the coming year the rail budget and the general budget will be amalgamated” i.e. all the changes and the differences in the rail budget will be a part of the General Budget.


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