Union Minister Nitin Gadkari brings Vehicle scrap value police, Know about it here

Mar 19 2021 05:26 PM
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari brings Vehicle scrap value police, Know about it here

On Thursday, Union Road Transport and Highways minister Nitin Gadkari said the vehicle scrapping policy will be a "win-win" policy that will help improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution. Making a statement regarding the vehicle scrapping policy in the Lok Sabha, the Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs Minister said the policy will bring about a major change in the country. It also seems as if older cars will be allowed to ply legally on the road. So, Here on Friday (March 19) This policy has updated. Lets have a look what it has

According to the new Vehicle Scrappage Policy, Now for getting vehicle fitness certificate for will become far more stringent. Automated workshops will spring across the country and one has to ensure that the vehicle taken to these centres are properly fit. This is primarily because human intervention will be drastically reduced and computers will take charge. For example, if the vehicle on the test bed has misaligned headlamps or if the headlamps are not powerful enough, the computer will give it a ‘fail’. The moment the vehicle fails on any of the important parameters, a fitness certificate will not be provided. According to latest statements, vehicles which fail, will be deemed ‘EOLV’ or End of Life Vehicle. Then the owner will be given an option to scrap the vehicle at designated RVSFs or Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities. We are yet to find out whether the owner will get a chance to rectify the issues and reappear for the test. While on other hand if the vehicle goes through the test and passes, an additional five years will be granted. Post this; the vehicle is free to ply on the streets without any worry. However the vehicle has to be insured and a valid PUC certificate has to be attained by the owner as well.

However, First and foremost the cost of getting a fitness certificate will be more expensive than what it is currently. Then there is the road tax which has to be paid by the owner. An additional Green Tax will also be levied on cars more than 15 years old. The Green Tax amount will be confirmed by individual states. So in a highly polluted area, the Green Tax will be substantially more than in a less polluted zone.

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