Union Minister says, 'coronavirus is made in Wuhan's lab not natural'
Union Minister says, 'coronavirus is made in Wuhan's lab not natural'

All the countries of the world are considering the role of China and WHO for the prevention of epidemic corona. Amidst these allegations, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has given a big statement in the Government of India. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said in an interview in very clear words that the coronavirus has come from the lab, it is not natural but an artificial virus. He said that we have to understand the art of living life with corona virus.

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In his statement, Gadkari said that the coronavirus was first seen in Wuhan city of China and later it spread worldwide. It is not a natural virus, it is made in the lab. The art of living is very important because it is not a natural virus. Many countries are working on making a vaccine for this, but it has not been done yet. When many countries are saying that they are blaming the Wuhan lab of China for the origin of this deadly virus. This statement of the Indian minister is being considered very important.

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The Union Minister said that the other important thing to control the infection of this virus is its identity. We need some good methodology for this so that we can identify it immediately. This is unexpected because this virus is artificial, not natural. However, Gadkari hoped that soon the world will overcome this virus because many countries including India are working on it. It is known that before this, US President Donald Trump has blamed China for this virus. He called it the Chinese virus on which China was infuriated.

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