Poison of real snake will now be ready in lab, will save millions lives

Jan 27 2020 11:37 AM
Poison of real snake will now be ready in lab, will save millions lives

In the future, the success of medicines made by snake venom and antivenum is going to be huge. Scientists have developed the venom gland of snakes in the lab, through which natural snake venom can be prepared on a large scale. In the study published in the journal 'Cell', the scientists told how they made organ in the lab of Cape Coral snake venom glands. This snake is found in parts of southern Africa. Regarding this, scientists said that this method can bring unprecedented speed in the production of toxin. This method is also inexpensive. In the first method, snakes have to be raised and then to remove poison from their venom glands, which is very expensive and time consuming.

Researchers told that till now only organisms made from cells of humans and mice have been made in different laboratories. But now for the first time the argon of a reptile has been developed. Researchers selected the Cape Coral Snake to make the venom gland. The eggs of these snakes were removed before they were hatched. The tissues derived from it were then developed by placing them in a special gel. The venom glands developed so fast that they became fully developed within a week. During this time, the researchers made the snake's gland as well as its liver, pancreas and intestines.

Hans Klevers of Utrecht University in the Netherlands said that in a year, about one lakh people lose their lives due to snake bite. Such incidents happen more in developmental countries. However, since the 19th century, there is no new change in the methods of making anti-venom. This new method has brought a new hope. Each snake's poison has dozens of different types of components. These are extremely powerful molecules designed to prevent their prey from escaping. These components affect the various systems of the victim's brain, neuromuscular junction, blood coagulation etc.

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