UK requesting people from these countries to donate plasma
UK requesting people from these countries to donate plasma

Britain's National Health Service has requested the Indian and South Asian citizens who have recovered from the coronavirus to donate plasma on Friday. These plasmas will be used to save the lives of people infected with the dreaded virus. According to experts, people from South Asian backgrounds have more antibodies than white people. NHS reported that plasma-high antibodies are effective in curing those infected with the coronavirus. Due to the fear of a second wave of epidemic in the country, it has been announced.

Earlier, the UK government requested more people from minority communities, including Indians, to join the ongoing clinical trials for a possible vaccine for Corona. For this, measures for communicating with various communities include targeted recruitment programs broadcast in Gujarati, Punjabi, Bangla and Urdu. More than one lakh people across the UK have participated in the vaccine test as a volunteer.

The major part of the blood is plasma. Apart from RBC, WBC and platelets in the blood, all other liquid objects are called plasma. The human body has more than 55 percent plasma in its blood. In addition to water, plasma, hormones, protein, carbon dioxide and glucose mineral are found. Blood becomes red due to haemoglobin and iron in the blood which has an effect on every part of the body over time.

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