Unrest in Manipur: Mob Attempts Attack on CM N Biren Singh’s Ancestral Home, Details Inside
Unrest in Manipur: Mob Attempts Attack on CM N Biren Singh’s Ancestral Home, Details Inside

Imphal Valley Situation Remains Calm but Tense – Key Developments - In the midst of renewed turmoil engulfing Manipur, a mob made a brazen attempt on Thursday night to assail the vacant ancestral residence of Chief Minister N Biren Singh, despite a stringent security lockdown and curfew prevailing in the Imphal valley. Fresh waves of protest erupted in Manipur earlier this week, triggered by the dissemination of a video purportedly depicting the bodies of two students who had gone missing in July. In response, the government swiftly reinstated a five-day suspension of internet services as a precautionary measure and announced the closure of all schools in the state until Friday.

Here are the essential highlights:

The atmosphere in Manipur's Imphal valley remained relatively tranquil but apprehensive on Friday morning, following a night marked by violent clashes, including an endeavor to breach Chief Minister N Biren Singh's deserted ancestral abode.

In accordance with an edict issued by the district magistrate, the curfew restrictions in Imphal East have been partially relaxed. The directive stipulates, "Restrictions on the movement of individuals outside their respective residences in Imphal East are hereby eased from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. on 29th September."

Security forces successfully thwarted the assault, preventing the mob from advancing beyond 100-150 meters from the residence, having deployed multiple rounds of tear gas shells.

Amid reports of militants openly roaming and inciting unrest in the Imphal valley, Senior Superintendent of Police Rakesh Balwal, known for his expertise in handling terror-related cases, has been "prematurely" reassigned to Manipur. The 2012 batch IPS officer will assume a new posting within the state.

On Thursday, senior officials from the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) convened at the Manipur Police Headquarters in Imphal to deliberate on the state's law and order situation.

A police officer commented on the attack on the chief minister's ancestral residence, stating, "Two distinct groups approached the house from different directions but were halted approximately 100-150 meters away."

Authorities disconnected the electricity supply in the entire vicinity to reduce the protestors' visibility. Additional barricades were erected near the residence, and protesters set tires ablaze on the nearby road. Ambulances were also positioned in close proximity, although no injuries have been reported thus far.

Pursuant to an official directive, the Manipur government established a committee on Thursday to investigate allegations of excessive force being deployed against protesters, primarily students, by security forces over the past two days.

Security forces discussed the utilization of minimum force when engaging with the public, particularly students. In an appeal to students for cooperation in preserving peace and hastening the return to normalcy, the police emphasized, "Any individuals exploiting the current situation will face resolute action by the police."

More than 20 Manipur MLAs currently in Delhi have implored the Central government to take decisive action against those responsible for the abduction and murder of two youths in the turbulent state. The legislators have also urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah to expedite the CBI probe.

In the backdrop of these developments, Manipur has witnessed over 180 casualties and several hundred injuries since ethnic tensions erupted on May 3. The trigger for this upheaval was the 'Tribal Solidarity March' organized in the hill districts to protest the majority Meitei community's demand for Scheduled Tribe status. Meiteis, constituting approximately 53% of Manipur's population and primarily residing in the Imphal valley, stand in contrast to the tribal populations, including Nagas and Kukis, comprising 40% of the population and residing predominantly in the hill districts.

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