BJP started 'Jan Vishwas Yatra' from Mathura

Lucknow: BJP has started Jan Vishwas Yatra from Mathura for UP assembly elections. Speaking on the occasion, CM Yogi Adityanath said, "Mathura-Vrindavan is our pilgrimage. The sound that comes out of here will go far. I first bow to the land of Vrindavan Bihari Lal. Today is 19th December. On this day, in 1927, revolutionaries who laid down their lives for the country were hanged. Today, the entire country is remembering its great revolutionaries. Today, our Government is also taking five and a half years. There has been no riot in our Government so far.''

Along with this, CM Yogi also said here that, 'First there is an exodus of Hindus and traders. Now the mafia is running away. BSP-SP and Congress have a problem with this. The Prime Minister had said yesterday that the state would develop through the Ganga Expressway. For the Prime Minister, the people of the country are family. But for BSP, SP his personal family is family. They cannot think above this. With this, he said, 'Becoming a house to a poor is Ram Rajya for us, getting a toilet for the poor is Ram Rajya, getting electricity for the poor is Ram Rajya for us. We had said that we will remove terrorism in the country. Article 370 was removed from Kashmir. Article 370 was a plan to separate Kashmir from India. But we removed Article 370 as soon as BJP got a chance.

Meanwhile, CM Yogi said, "On August 5, 2020, PM Modi started the construction of Lord Ram's temple. Are you happy? Earlier, no one dared to go to Ayodhya, Mathura, and Kashi. Now everyone is speaking. PM Modi built baba Vishwanath's Dham in Kashi and first respected the workers. Did any Prime Minister do that till date?''

Meanwhile, CM Yogi also said, "We consider Kashi Vishwanath as our good fortune. The entire country saw the honor of the workers along with the Dham of Baba Vishwanath in Kashi. This Uttar Pradesh will also develop itself and run bulldozers against the mafia. This is Uttar Pradesh. It inspires workers, farmers, traders. Did we ask anyone's caste when we gave the electricity connection?''

He further said, "Old citizens used to get a pension of Rs.500. We said no, we will give Rs.1000. I also came to Mathura in the second wave of the corona. All the people in the administration were working in the fight against corona. We have worked to increase the honorarium of all the warriors. All this is the work of the Government's Public Works Scheme. CM Yogi said income tax raids were taking place yesterday. The Samajwadi Party was facing a lot of trouble. Would the SP-Congress ever have been able to build a Ram temple, sometimes provide facilities to the people in corona, could it develop the state so much?''

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