Upcoming sequel of films seems in trouble
Upcoming sequel of films seems in trouble

We all know the fate of Rock On 2 on box office. The film with opening died on screens. Also it has put question on the fate of upcoming sequels of film like Force 2 and Kahaani 2.

As per Trade analyst Amul Mohan, “We can’t write off Kahaani 2 and Force 2 . It depends from movie to movie. Box-office success also depends on the popularity of the first part. Force and Kahaani were good pan-India hits, so their sequels have a good base to build on. Rock On 2 didn’t do well as it is a metro-centric and not a pan-India film. Rock On! wasn’t a universal hit, so the sequel needed to hit it out of the park from day one. RO2 released with Chaar Sahibzaade 2 which did phenomenally better. The fate of Force 2 or Kahaani 2 will be much better than Rock On 2 . Both films are relevant. Force 2 is an action-based film and action works well with the masses while Kahaani was a runaway success."

And according to Film exhibitor Akshaye Rathi, “You can’t say that the fate of Force 2 and Kahaani 2 looks bleak because Rock On 2 did poorly. Rock On!! became a cult film post its release, but the makers failed to capitalise on that and make the sequel bigger and better. They missed out on a huge opportunity. The reactions for Rock On 2 are negative. The promos of
Kahaani 2 and Force 2 look extremely exciting and the content looks promising. Force was John’s first solo mass hit. The brand value of the series give the film some visibility and awareness, but eventually the audience decides purely on merits of promos. Demonetisation is a good excuse to use as a reason for its failure. But if that was true, why did Chaar Sahibzaade 2 do so well?”


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