Upgrade Indian Educational Institutions to Meet International Norms: Parl Panel
Upgrade Indian Educational Institutions to Meet International Norms: Parl Panel

NEW DELHI: According to a report presented in the Parliament on Friday, the Indian Diaspora and students have gained recognition in various fields, including arts, sciences, engineering, technology, and humanities. However, Indian educational institutions do not perform well in global rankings. 

The Parliamentary Committee on External Affairs, in its report, suggests that the government should take concerted efforts to elevate the standards of Indian universities, institutes, and learning centers to meet international norms. By doing so, India can emerge as a sought-after destination for education.

In a report entitled "India's Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy: Prospects & Limitations," the panel emphasizes the need for special focus on Indian cinema as an instrument of soft power. The report urges steps to popularize Indian films abroad, including regional cinema, to bolster the country's influence. The committee strongly believes in highlighting the global impact of Indian cinema as a tool of soft power, while also taking effective measures to celebrate and promote Indian movies on an international stage, including regional productions.

While Indian television news may not have yet made a significant impact globally, the Hindi film industry, commonly known as Bollywood, has emerged as a prominent example of global entertainment originating from outside the Western world. It has garnered widespread recognition and influence.

Given the rising popularity of yoga and yoga centers worldwide, the committee proposes that the AYUSH Ministry, in collaboration with the External Affairs Ministry, establish a Yoga Certification Board. This board will be responsible for certifying Indian yogic practices and therapies. The committee also suggests encouraging collaboration with the Indian diaspora to disseminate yoga training in regions where it has not yet gained popularity.

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