US President recalls Xi Jinping once complained to him about Quad, and his response

Washington: The US President Joe Biden said his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping previously told him that he was strengthening the Quad alliance in the Indo-Pacific "against China."

"I told Xi Jinping that I was going to meet the Quad, which included Australia, India, Japan, and the United States. 'You're simply doing that to affect us,' he replied. 'No, it's because we're trying to bring together those people who might be able to collaborate in the Indo-Pacific,' I explained "During a party fundraiser event at a private property in Seattle, Joe Biden said.

"The point is that one of the things that autocrats fear the most - and India has its own problems; all of those countries have their own problems - is the idea that we can work together in concert and oppose what are essentially dictatorships, which a lot of countries have become, particularly not only China but Russia and many other countries...the Philippines," he said.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin was elected, Joe Biden said, he thought he would be able to effortlessly dismantle NATO. "That had always been a part of his plan from the start. I know I've been repeating it for the past eight years, but it was part of his plan "he said.

"But here's the comedy of ironies: he got exactly what he didn't want. He was on the lookout for more Finlandization in Europe. Instead, he got a call from Finland and the President of Finland, who wanted to meet with me and join NATO. His actions are having the exact opposite effect that he intended "Joe Biden said.

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