USA releases new rules for international students
USA releases new rules for international students

There have been new rules for international students who would be entering the States. The Trump administration has introduced a new rule to define to four years the period of stay for non-immigrant international students and foreign media representatives. It proposes to cut the duration further to two years for those from certain countries under the F, J and I category visas, used for students, exchange visitors and media representatives, respectively.

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Immigrants on these visas can currently visit for “duration of status”, or the period of course in case of students, and profession in case of media representatives. This applies also to the dependents of principal visa holders. The recommended rule, published by the department of homeland security, will be open for comments for 30 days. But it was not clear when it will go into effect. President Donald Trump has only a few months to finalize the rule by January 2021, and longer if he is re-elected. If he loses the November 3 election to Joe Biden, the Democrat will be under no obligation to implement it.

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The continuation of stay can be prolonged either by filing for an extension with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or by going back to their countries of origin for fresh visas. The two-year rule will apply to individuals from countries that are either on the state department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism or who have an overstay rate of over 10%. The notice stated, “The significant increase in the volume of F academic students, J exchange visitors, and I foreign information media representatives poses a challenge to the Department’s ability to monitor and oversee these categories of non-immigrants while they are in the United States.” 

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