Soda is also beneficial for health, know the benefits

Baking soda that is used to cook thick grains, pulses are also very beneficial for your health. So far you have used it only for cakes and cookies. But let us tell you, it is equally beneficial for health. Scientists are telling that if you drink it with water in the morning, then swelling of joint pain and arthritis is also relieved. With this, we are going to tell you how it helps you.

What does research say
Scientists at Augusta University in Georgia have proved in research that drinking baking soda helps prevent inflammation from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. According to the report of scientists, baking soda helps to encourage spleen. Due to which there is an immediate benefit in inflammation. Research also revealed that most people in the health group use baking soda or carbonated drinks. It helps in increasing the food digestible acids.

Know what makes baking soda useful
Baking soda, which we commonly call soda, is also used for quick cooking of coarse grains or pulses. Sometimes Chole or Rajma are cooked quickly, then a pinch of baking soda is also used to melt them. At the same time, baking soda is also used in making desi tea, also known as Sheer tea, used in winter in Jammu and Kashmir. In addition, baking soda is also used to make biscuits, cookies, cakes, pizza base, etc. in the bakery.

Other benefits of drinking baking soda
You can also get rid of many serious diseases by drinking a spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water on an empty stomach daily. It keeps the amount of pH in the body right. Which helps us to make blood.

Drinking baking soda on an empty stomach for 15 consecutive days relieves the problem of acid and flatulence.

If you have stones in your kidney, then consuming it can also get rid of the stone. The main reason for getting stone is the excessive amount of acid in the body. Soda water balances the acid in the body and gets rid of the stone.

Sometimes, due to a high amount of acid in the body, skin problems, infections occur. Baking soda water can be helpful for you to avoid this.

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