Aunt also gave her life after seeing the niece on noose
Aunt also gave her life after seeing the niece on noose

Azamgarh: A big news has come from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Two minor girls of the same family took turns committing suicide by hanging themselves from a scarf, which created a stir in the area. It is being said that a minor dispute is being said to be the reason behind this suicide. The case is being reported from Devara Nainijor under the Raunapar police station area. After a minor dispute, two minor girls hanged themselves from a scarf and gave their lives. After this incident, there was a commotion in the family and the family is crying and crying badly.

The reason behind this incident is being told as the reason behind the mutual dispute between both the girls and the family. After this incident, the local police reached the spot, after which many senior officers reached there and investigated. After a preliminary investigation in this case, it has been found that both the girls who committed suicide were in a relationship of an aunt and niece and lived together in the same house. With this, Azamgarh SP Anurag Arya reached the spot and after an investigation said that the reason behind the incident is estrangement. With this, the SP told that afternoon there was a fight and a fight between them over some issue, on which 15-year-old daughter of Birbal Yadav in anger, Priyanka committed suicide by hanging herself with a scarf inside the room.'

Not only this, Ram Badan Yadav's daughter Reena, who was the aunt of the deceased minor, also committed suicide by hanging herself from a scarf on a tree near the house. Not only this but Shyam Sundar, the younger brother of the deceased girl who was present at the spot during this time, has also confirmed this.

There was a stir in Gandhinagar due to the beheaded and half-burnt body, the police engaged in the investigation.

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