The girl who sweeps the houses was implicated as a wrong religion, raped, cheated 2.5 lakhs
The girl who sweeps the houses was implicated as a wrong religion, raped, cheated 2.5 lakhs

Lucknow: In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the case of a girl being trapped in a love trap by telling a wrong religion has come to light. The allegation is against a boy named Nawazish., the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The charge is against a boy named Nawazish. Who gave his name to the young woman as Vishal Singh Thakur. The young woman alleged that she met a boy named Nawazish 3 months ago. Nawazish lured her into a trap of love and raped her and said he would kill her if she told anyone. The victim said Nawazish was accompanied by his friends, Asim Ahmed, Adarsh Ahmed and Irfan.

The victim said she made a living by sweeping from house to house. With great effort, she had collected 2.5 lakh rupees over the years, but being in love and believing in Nawazish, the young woman gave him the money because he was constantly demanding money. In the FIR lodged with the police, it was told that a person named Asim Ahmed also used to accompany Nawazish. He too had changed his name to Vikas and remained Nawazish's so-called brother.

This came to light when the two youths fled with the money and switched off their mobile phones. When the young woman reached Nawazish's hideout, where he lived, his landlady said that no one named Vishal Singh Thakur and Vikas lives here. When the landlord showed the picture to the young woman, it was found that his name was Nawazish and not Vishal Singh and her so-called brother's name was Asim Ahmed. Police have registered a case in this regard.

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