Madrasa Survey Update: Donation worth lakhs, but 6th-grade child could not read Hindi
Madrasa Survey Update: Donation worth lakhs, but 6th-grade child could not read Hindi

Lucknow: The survey work of madrasas in Uttar Pradesh is going on on a war footing these days. In the same sequence, madrasas in Deoria were also investigated. Here is a list of more than 40 unrecognized madrasas. Most of the madrasas are located in Desahi Deoria development block. When the investigation team reached here, there was a stir among the people.  

District Minority Officer Deoria Neeraj Agarwal said that a survey will be conducted and a report of 12 points will be sent to the government. During the survey, the name of the madrasa, the name of the society running it, the number of children studying, and the information on the curriculum. Information like where the funding is coming from is being collected. During the survey, when the district minority officer asked the children to read English and Hindi books, asked some math questions and asked a counting table. But the kids couldn't tell anything. Some children could not even pronounce the words of Hindi correctly.  

The child, studying in Class 6 at Markaz Al Huda Madrasa in Sadar block, could neither recite any poems of Hindi nor twinkle-twinkle in English. Apart from this, when the children were asked to recite the counting table, they could not complete it. Similarly, children studying in classes 3, and 4 of Jamiat Uloom madrasa in Gauribazar were not able to study even Hindi. The madrasa is run by the family of former chairman Abdul Hakim of Gauribazar. Madrasa operators have said that donations are the basis of their funding. Throughout the year, they get donations in lakhs of rupees and this is the complete arrangement here. The team that surveyed the madrasas also found that in many madrasas, the names are written only in Urdu and not in Hindi.

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