Uttar Pradesh: SRK degree college bans 'Burqa' in the college campus
Uttar Pradesh: SRK degree college bans 'Burqa' in the college campus

Lucknow: A big case related to Muslim girl students has come up in SRK degree college of Uttar Pradesh. The college administration did not allow the girl students who came here to wear the burqa. The administration asked the students to come out of the burqa, only then they will get admission in the college. In fact, there was a dispute between two girl factions in SRK degree college and the matter reached to fight.

After this, the administration of the college had decided to implement strict rules. Now according to the new rule, even the girl students who wear the burqa will not be allowed to enter the college. The staff clearly told the students that you will be allowed to enter the college only after removing the burqa. When the students were questioned in this regard, they said that before that there was no such rule. We have also attended class in burqa many times, but today we are being denied. At the same time, according to the college principal, he says that the burqa does not come in the dress code, so wearing it will not get admission in the college.

Students who came to college wearing burqas are being scared by showing poles to return. There was a fierce dispute between the two groups of girl students, after which the college administration called a large number of police forces. Let me tell you that before that dress code was not implemented in any college.

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