Heavy rains burst Uttarakhand land, fear among people

Dehradun: In the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, the highest rainfall caused the land to burst in the upper part of Sanrathi village of Munsyari. A large area of the village has developed major cracks on the land. The width of these cracks is more than 15 cm in some places. Houses in Girgaum and Bhandarigaon, which are in distress due to land collapse, are being converted into pieces. Girgaon and Bhandarigaon on the Land-Munsyari motorway have been dissipating land for the past one month.

The same houses are being demolished and divided into several parts due to landslides from Jakula river to village. The affected families have been shifted to safer places by the administration. The revenue department has also sent Kailash Singh's family to a safe place when the house was in danger on Thursday. Social activist Bhagat Singh Bachmi said the land is sinking slowly. The villagers are suffering due to cracks in houses and fields.

The same disaster has also hit Kheta Tok in Sanrathi, just opposite the same village. Due to heavy rains for the last several days, the ground has developed cracks 20 to 50 meters long and 15 cm wide. Half a dozen houses have been in crisis due to cracks and landslides in the upper part of revenue village Kheta. Sher Singh, Harmal Singh, Ganga Singh, Kunwar Singh, Sher Singh, Pushpa Devi, Lal Singh, BDC member Neha Mehta have demanded immediate security of the land from the administration and proper compensation.

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