Boy gave his kidney 'for love,' yet she became someone else's girlfriend

New Delhi: A young man gave his kidney for the sake of 'love.' But despite that, he got cheated. The young man himself has told his story on TikTok. The man claimed that he donated his kidney to his girlfriend's mother. Even then, the same girlfriend married another boy.

According to media reports, the man is said to be Uziel Martinez, a teacher at a school in Baja California, Mexico. A TikTok video of Uziel is fast going viral, in which he is talking about his girlfriend. Uziel Martinez said he donated one of his kidneys to his girlfriend's mother because he loved his girlfriend immensely. But a month after the mother's operation, the girlfriend broke up with him and then married someone else.

In the video posted by Uziel, a teacher by profession, on Tiktok, he looks extremely sad lying on the sofa. Thousands of people are reacting to this video of them. People are sympathizing with Uziel by watching his video. Users explained to Uziel that he should not be unhappy, the girl had lost a 'true human being.'

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