Vanraj to divorce Kavya, Anupama to fly

Anupama has become a very famous show these days and now a tremendous twist is going to come in this show. Yes, these days you must be seeing in the show that Bapuji was celebrating the completion of 50 years of marriage in the house, then the relationship is going to break once again in the house. Yes, in the track shown so far, you have seen that there is an atmosphere of happiness in the Shah family, everyone is dancing happily on the 50th anniversary of Bapuji. Now in tonight's episode you will see that seeing Anupama mingling with the whole family and especially Vanraj, Kavya's mercury will go high and she will make a spectacle in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Vanraj will interrupt Kavya but she will not listen to anyone.

Meanwhile, Anupama, taking care of the matter and not spoiling the happiness program going on in the house, will ask Kavya to walk in the room and talk. After that both of them go to the room and argue with each other. On the other hand, all the family members look worried and curse Kavya for making a spectacle. On the other hand, Kavya blames Anupama for ruining her house, but like every time, Anupama, with her simple nature, explains to her that she is not interested in coming to the house, she only wants Baa Bapuji and the happiness of the family. has come for You will see that in the midst of a long debate between these two, everyone will ask Vanraj to explain to Kavya and not spoil the chance of happiness. At the same time, Anuj also complains to Vanraj about Kavya.

Meanwhile, Vanraj, standing silently listens to everyone, when a courier comes with some papers for Vanraj, for which Vanraj was eagerly waiting. In the room, Anupama slanders Kavya for stealing the house and breaking the family's trust. Along with this, she also explains to Kavya that there is still time to take care and at least save her relationship with her husband. On the other hand, in tomorrow's episode, you will be shown that the paper that the courier gives to Vanraj is the divorce papers, which he will give to Kavya. Seeing this, the ground will not only slip under Kavya's feet, but Anupama will also be shocked.

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