Be careful! Millions of people have got fake corona vaccine

In Varanasi, STF has revealed the sale of fake corona vaccine and corona test kit. Yes, as per the information received recently, the STF has recovered a large consignment of fake Covisheild and ZYCov-D. Let you also tell everyone that for the first time in the country, such a consignment of fake corona vaccine has been caught. In fact, the Additional Superintendent of Police, STF, Vinod Singh has given information in this regard. He said goods worth about four crore rupees have been recovered.

Apart from this, he has also informed that about five people have been arrested. In this case, it is being told that it was supplied to UP and other states through a company in Lakshya Java, a resident of New Delhi. According to reports, millions of vaccine doses have been sold so far. Due to this, it is now being feared that people have been given fake corona vaccines on a large scale. Let us also tell all of you that based on the inputs of fake vaccine and fake Covid testing kits being made on a large scale, a raid was conducted in Rohit Nagar of Lanka by the STF Field Unit, Varanasi.

Yes, Rakesh Thawani, a resident of Dhanshree Complex in Sidhgiri Bagh, Sandeep Sharma, a resident of Pathani Tola in Chowk, Lakshya Jawa, a resident of Malviya Nagar in New Delhi, Shamsher, a resident of Rasra in Ballia, Arunesh Vishwakarma, a resident of Baulia in Lahartara were arrested. It is being told that fake testing kits, fake Covishield vaccine, fake Zycov-D vaccine, packing machine, empty vial, swab stick were recovered from all of them. On the interrogation, Rakesh Thawani said that he used to make fake vaccines and testing kits along with Sandeep Sharma, Arunesh Vishwakarma and Shamsher. In this case, it has also been reported that New Delhi's used to supply to Lakshya Java and he used to supply to different states through his network.

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