This strange tradition, which has been going on for 85 years
This strange tradition, which has been going on for 85 years

There are many temples in our country which have different traditions. Each temple has its own special customs. Many customs are unique and difficult to believe. Some are extremely difficult, some are something that you are surprised to see and know. Today, we are going to tell you about the unique customs of one such temple where chillies are anointed. So Let's know about this.

In fact, Verna Muthu Miriamtemple is a village located in Idyanchawadi, near the world-famous Oroville International Township in Tamil Nadu's largest district, Veluppuram. The temple is famous and is celebrated every year for 8 days, with a large number of people visiting the anointing of chillies. These are done to wish people to stay healthy. It has a different custom that has been practised for 85 years.

According to the tradition of the temple, the three most senior people first wear bracelets in their hands and then fast all day long. Then there is the Mundan sanskar. Then the priests sit them at the place of worship like the gods and worship them. They are anointed with various materials. This includes sandalwood, crushed flowers, etc. Then there is the anointing of chillies. All three are bathed with chilli paste. Before that, they are fed with a paste of chillies.

After all these anointings, they are finally bathed in neem water and taken inside the temple. Here they have to walk on burning coals.

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