If you also get angry easily, then stay away from this colour

Sep 12 2019 06:40 PM
If you also get angry easily, then stay away from this colour

There are many people all over the world who are not able to keep their anger under control and get angry at the slightest. In such a situation, anger not only spoils the relationship but also affects the health of oneself. At the same time, anger ruins people's lives. people try things to overcome anger, but they are not able to succeed but in such a situation it is important to control the anger. Today, we are going to tell you Vastu tips which can work to keep your anger under control.

According to astrology, those who get angrier should reduce the use of red colour. They should not use red colour on the walls, bedsheets, curtains and cushion covers of the house at least as it increases the anger.

* According to the fact, the dirt also increases the anger, that is why there should not be garbage or dirt in every area of the house. It should be clean everywhere.

* If it is to be believed, then lamps should be lit in the east direction of the house every morning and evening because it controls the anger. With this, never keep any heavy goods in this direction.

According to astrology, if there is a lot of anger, then pray to the Sun God regularly because it keeps the mind calm and it is said that to keep offering water to the Sun God. Doing this regularly reduces anger gradually.

* According to the fact, if you feel angry about anything, then you fast on Monday. Along with this, pray to the moon. Doing this will end your anger.

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