Facing obstacles in your career? Keep these special things in mind

For youth, their career is important. Parents are also worried that their children's career should become better. They should get into a good job or do a good business so that the future is secure. After two-and-a-half years of the corona, this concern is getting worse because many people lost their jobs or closed their businesses due to corona. What measures should be taken to elevate their careers again is a matter of concern for all the youth. Vastu Dosh of the house is also responsible for career hurdles. Which Vastu defects can spoil your career.

* The architecture of the room where the children study, preparing for competitive exams should be appropriate so that the career is good. Green colour should be done on the walls of the study room. This keeps the brain fertile and infuses positive energy there.

* The north direction of the house should be kept clean. No broken furniture, broken glass, etc. should be installed in this direction. There should also be no bathroom, kitchen, etc. in this direction. This hampers the career.

* If you are installing a wall clock in the house, keep in mind that it should always be on the north or eastern wall. In the study room also, the clock should be placed in these two directions. The clock on the southern wall creates a big architectural defect that can ruin the career.

* The house should not have many windows on the south side. If there are more windows, it may also have an impact on the career.

* Having a crystal ball at home gives a career a boost.

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