Veeran movie review: comedy with good intentions and an original rural backdrop

Regular movie viewers are familiar with superhero films. Marvel and DC films have long kept fans captivated with their variety of superhero pictures. Minnal Murali, a successful Malayalam film, gave Indian cinema a desi superhero picture in 2021. Now, courtesy to filmmaker ARK Saravan, Tamil cinema has attempted a superhero film with Hip Hop Adhi's Veeran. 

Kumaran (Hip Hop Adhi) is on his way home with two buddies when he is struck by lightning. He is unconscious and bedridden. He eventually gains a superpower as a result of the lightning strike. Meanwhile, some Veeranoor locals have sold their land to a private business that plans to build a pipeline to provide power to the hamlet and surrounding areas. But there's a catch. Kumaran and a few others are aware that the pipeline could cause catastrophic devastation to the village. The plot revolves around Kumaran's use of his superhero abilities to persuade the people to save them.

ARK Saravan made his directorial debut with Maragadha Naanayam, starring Aadhi and Nikki Galrani. The fantasy adventure film is regarded as one of Tamil cinema's underappreciated works. With Veeran, he wanted to make a superhero film that also highlighted people's trust in God and superstitious beliefs. The locals of Veeranoor do not believe in Veeran, their God. One grandfather, on the other hand, has unwavering confidence in Veeran and insists that God would save them in their hour of need.

There is also uncertainty concerning Kumarn's health and how his superpowers effect him. They say in one moment that his superhero abilities render him weak. However, this is not the case when he confronts the villain. The antagonist's characterisation is weak in this case. Vinay, the major antagonist, appears in the second half. There are some logical gaps that are difficult to overcome. Badree, the second antagonist, is likewise mocked. When you gaze at them, you don't feel threatened.

Most of the comedy tracks by Kaali Venkat, Munishkanth, and Muruganantham fall flat. They do generate a few laughs here and there. Hip Hop Adhi as Kumaran has improved in terms of acting. He's done a good job with his restricted variety of expressions.

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